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Things to Have on Your Fence Contract:


1. The name, address, license, and phone number of the contractor.

2. Your name, address and phone number.

3. A clear statement of the total cost and payment terms for all material and labor.

-Be cautious of contractor’s requiring large deposits or payments in advance.

-A customary deposit of 30 – 40% can be expected.

4. A complete description of the work being done.

5. Specifications of the type of materials to be used, including size, weight, quantity and garde of each product.

6. A provision requiring your written approval for any changes with the agreed-upon plan and specs.

7. A requirement that the contractor maintain workman’s compensation and public liability insurance so that you are protected in case of injury to the contractor’s employees or to private citizens.

8. The starting date and approximate completion date.

9. A statement as to who is responsible for cleaning up the premises after the work is completed.

10. A satisfactory warranty provision and a guarantee on the materials used.

-The consumer should recognize that the guarantee or warranty is only as good as the company who issues it.

11. A pledge that materials are free of all liens or claims by suppliers.

12. Signatures of both parties.

Before signing the Contract..

-Be sure that you understand the contract and that all blanks are filled in.

-Do not rely on oral agreements.

-An agreement cannot be guaranteed unless it is in writing and signed by both you and the contractor.

Refer to the BBB for more information regarding your local contractor.

Burgess Fence

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