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Whether you need a fence for privacy or for pool safety, to keep your dog or other pet on your property or just to define your garden or yard, we are the fence contractors you can count on for sturdy construction and quick installation.. In fact, we are the leading fence installation company in the Niagara area! We specialize in all your Fencing needs, to make sure that you are fully satisfied.

It is said that good fences make good neighbours. We can Build those good fences for you so that you can be a good neighbour. We provide:

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Pet / dog fences
Chain link fences
Cedar and other wood fences
White picket fences
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We provide fast and friendly service, and have the versatility to work around YOUR busy schedule. Our installers deliver expert workmanship, with professionalism you can count on. All of our fence products come with a manufacturer’s warranty and fence installation warranty. So whether it’s around your swimming pool or around your yard or garden, whether it’s to keep your dog in or prying eyes out, whether it’s made from metal, wood or vinyl, choose your fence today.

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The Process

When Burgess Fence Contractor is hired to install a chain link or wrought iron fence, their expertise and attention to detail come into play throughout the entire installation process. Here’s a comprehensive explanation of the tasks they typically undertake:

1. Initial Consultation: Burgess Fence Contractor initiates the process by meeting with the client to understand their specific fencing needs. They discuss the desired fence style, height, gate options, and any other requirements. This consultation helps establish a clear understanding of the project scope.

2. Site Inspection and Measurements: The contractor visits the installation site to assess the area and take accurate measurements. They consider factors such as the terrain, soil conditions, and potential obstacles that may impact the fence installation. This step ensures precise planning and facilitates a smooth installation process.

3. Material Selection: Based on the client’s preferences and project requirements, the contractor assists in selecting suitable materials for the chain link or wrought iron fence. They provide guidance on factors like the type of fencing material, gauge (thickness), and coatings that will best meet the client’s needs and budget.

4. Permit Acquisition: If necessary, Burgess Fence Contractor aids the client in obtaining permits for the fence installation, ensuring compliance with local building codes and zoning regulations. They guide the client through the permit application process, providing the necessary documentation and ensuring a smooth approval process.

5. Fence Post Installation: The contractor begins by installing the fence posts, which provide the structural foundation for the fence. For chain link fences, metal posts are typically used, while wrought iron fences may require metal or masonry posts. The contractor ensures the posts are set securely into the ground, employing techniques such as digging holes, inserting the posts, and using concrete or other suitable materials for stability.

6. Fence Panel Installation: Once the posts are in place and securely anchored, the contractor proceeds to install the fence panels. In the case of chain link fences, they attach the panels to the posts using appropriate hardware like tension bands, braces, and clamps. For wrought iron fences, the contractor carefully positions and secures custom-designed panels to the posts. They ensure precise alignment and stability throughout the installation.

7. Gate Installation: If the project includes gates, the contractor installs them at designated entry points. This involves positioning the gate frames, ensuring they align correctly with the fence panels and post spacing. The contractor installs hinges, latches, and locks to facilitate smooth operation and enhance security.

8. Securing and Finishing: Burgess Fence Contractor ensures that all connections, fasteners, and fittings are secure and properly tightened. They conduct a thorough inspection of the entire fence, making any necessary adjustments or repairs to ensure its structural integrity. Additionally, they may apply protective coatings or paint to enhance the fence’s durability and aesthetics.

9. Final Cleanup: Once the installation is complete, the contractor conducts a final cleanup of the work area. They remove any debris or construction materials, leaving the site in a tidy condition. This ensures that the client can immediately enjoy their newly installed chain link or wrought iron fence without any inconvenience.

Throughout the installation process, Burgess Fence Contractor emphasizes professionalism, expertise, and adherence to high-quality standards. Their goal is to deliver a meticulously installed fence that meets the client’s expectations in terms of functionality, durability, and visual appeal.

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